PrimusGFS V3.0 – Suggest Thorough Review in Preparation for 2019

The PrimusGFS audit has been updated and has received recognition against the GFSI Guidance Document 7.1 Edition.  The new version 3.0 will be the mandatory audit starting on January 1, 2019.

I just completed the PrimusGFS 3-day training for the new audit and there are many changes so I suggest that you start to review them in preparation for 2019.  The changes are in RED and they can change the requirement(s) of individual questions and there are also completely new questions (requirements).  A good starting point is to review the PrimusGFS v3.0 Questions and Expectations documents, i.e. one for each of the 7 modules.  PrimusGFS Documents – Go To PrimusGFS v3.0 Questions and Expectations Section.

What will NPE Produce Consulting LLC do in preparation for the new version.

  1. Take 3-day PrimusGFS v3.0 training – already completed.
  2. Take 1-day PrimusGFS auditor training – none scheduled as of mid October.
  3. Study the changes to become competent in what is needed to revise current food safety programs.
  4. Start program revisions for any clients that contract for this service.  The changes are significant and waiting until the spring of 2019 will be extremely challenging for all involved.  Revisions for any programs that I have written for clients over the past 3-5 years can be accomplished by revising your current written programs, i.e. a full rewrite is not necessary.  But new documents, i.e. policies, SOPs, SSOPs, logs, etc. will definitely be needed.
  5. Survey current clients and prospects on interest in a food safety meeting that would include a PrimusGFS v3.0 update (I am not a certified PrimusGFS trainer so a certificate would not be available but I am confident that I can provide clients and prospects with the correct information).  The details on such a meeting would depend on client and prospect interests per the results of the survey.
  6. As always I am happy to have brief phone conversations with contracted clients at no charge.

Contact me if you have any questions or want a proposal for NPE services to start getting ready for 2019.

Philp E. Neary