NPE Produce Consulting LLC.

"Learned It The Hard Way So You Don't Have To!"


NPE Produce Consulting LLC’s principal, Philip E. Neary, got involved in food safety by necessity in 1999 when retailers started to require that their produce suppliers implement food safety programs and third-party audits.

NPE was established in 2012 to assist New Jersey fruit and vegetable growers and packers to transition their food safety programs from relatively simple programs to ones that would qualify for GFSI audits.

Since 2012 NPE has expanded and has clients from the following industries: blueberry, peach, apple, vegetable, processing, repack, storage and distribution in the northeast and mid-Atlantic regions.



• Policies, SOPs, SSOPs, Logs
• Traceability & Recall
• Supplier Monitoring
• Food Defense
• Document-Audit Checklist Cross Referencing


• Document Review and Advising
• Document-Audit Benchmarking
• Document-FSMA Benchmarking


• Walk-Throughs with Verbal Advising
• Risk Assessments
• Training
• Written Recommendations


• Internal Audits
• Pre Audits Against Audit Checklists
• Sanitation Audits
• Written Reports


• Water Testing
• Equipment Testing
• Facility/Environment Testing
• Microbiological Monitoring Program Development
• Microbiological Testing Training


• Scheduling
• Attending (Facilitate Better Audit)
• Corrective Actions
• Microbiological Monitoring Program Development



• Product Standards
• Field through Shipping Programs
• Post Harvest Handling
• Cold Chain Management


• Grower Supplier Development
• Grower – Sales Agent Relationship Development

Client Testimonials

Consalo Family Farms & The Fresh Wave

I run the food safety programs for my family’s two companies, Consalo Family Farms and The Fresh Wave Fruit & Produce. Phil Neary of NPE Produce Consulting assists both companies with the success of these programs. I have learned how important it is to stay on top of the newest information and trends. Phil has made this possible with his expertise and great attention to detail. I have found that he cares about the success of my companies as much as I do. Consalo Family Farms and The Fresh Wave are both Primus GFS certified and Phil’s knowledge of the Primus programs is extensive. The blue prints and programs Phil provided to me have continuously ensured turn-key easy audits. He developed the HACCP programs for both companies and he also does our facility microbiological sampling. When it comes to food safety and getting things done in an efficient manner, I turn to Phil. My most important business relationship with NPE Produce Consulting is trust. Phil is highly respected by my family and my staff and he will remain a crucial part of my food safety team in years to come.

Chelsea Consalo, Vice President and Director of Food Safety & Brand Management, Consalo Family Farms

Dan Graiff Frams LLC

NPE Produce Consulting has a solid reputation in southern New Jersey and the mid-Atlantic region. So we turned to NPE to help us upgrade our baby greens and peeled specialty onion food safety program to a GFSI level.  NPE also assisted Dan Graiff Farms in setting up and implementing a paperless food safety program which has resulted in a more streamlined and efficient manner of implementing and storing our food safety documentation.  NPE was also instrumental in designing our microbiological sampling program and continues to oversee it, as well as continue support with the ever changing Food Safety regulations.  I would highly recommend NPE Produce Consulting to any produce company.

Jamie Graiff, Owner & Food Safety Manager, Dan Graiff Farms LLC

Zafar Produce

We were preparing for a new advanced food safety audit and had so many questions. NPE consulting walked us through all of the nuances. We were so impressed with their expertise and attention to detail. Thanks to NPE’s advice we received the highest score on our annual audit yet.

Saira Zafar