This article in Quality Assurance & Food Safety, August 6, 2018, “Inspiring Handwashing Compliance” has some interesting ideas on hand washing, particularly the part about using multiple gloves on each hand. Inspiring Handwashing Compliance I would like to add that in my opinion the portable hand wash stations with the foot pumps, that many growers… continue reading »

Seeking professional food safety candidate to work with me in the mid-term and then to manage and to grow NPE Produce Consulting LLC’s produce grower, packer, repacker, processor, shipper client base. Would develop into contract auditor, most likely for Primus audits but could be for other certification bodies. Client-based work in Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Region…. continue reading »

The auditor guidelines from PrimusGFS V2.1-2C state in HACCP question 3.01.02 that the HACCP coordinator should have formal training accredited by the International HACCP Alliance or equivalent within the last 5 years. I renewed my HACCP certification in July 2018 through a course recognized by the International HACCP Alliance. If you need any assistance with… continue reading »

With the recent E. Coli romaine lettuce outbreak consumer and food safety advocacy groups are putting pressure on the FDA to implement more robust traceability requirements on producers of leafy greens and other high risks produce. Current industry traceability requirements, including those required by high level audits, e.g. GFSI-bench marked audits are very important. It… continue reading »