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Post Harvest Water Sanitation

Water used in produce packing and processing facilities must be potable.

The links below are focused on maintaining water that comes directly contacts produce in a sanitary condition.


University of California – Chlorination in the Production and Post Harvest Handling of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

University of California – Postharvest Chlorination – Basic Properties and Key Points for Effective Disinfection

University of Florida – Handling, Cooling and Sanitation Techniques for Maintaining Postharvest Quality

University of Florida – Chlorine Use in Produce Packing Lines

Washing State University – Postharvest Sanitizers for Produce (You Tube Video)

Links do not represent any specific endorsements or recommendations for post harvest water sanitation nor are they listed in any order of importance.


Rutgers On-Farm Food Safety Website Updated

Rutgers On-Farm Food Safety

CPS Center for Produce Safety



Many good resources, including but not limited to, Listeria resources, presentations, research publications, CPS Annual Symposia resources, etc.

Global Research Database

Produce Safety Alliance


General Resource Listing

Several good resources, particularly the “Labeled Sanitizers for Produce – Excel Tool”, download this to access valuable information on sanitizers.

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